H-Bridge Shield

PWM Controlable H-Bridge
Arduino forward & backwards large motor control

An H-Bridge by definition it’s “an electronic circuit which enables a voltage to be applied across a load in either direction.” meaning that it can control devices like DC motors to spin in both directions. Using two pwm digital pins it creates an easy way to plug one large motor and control it’s speed and direction.

Selectable pwm outputs ( through two jumper cables you can control the h-bridge from any 2 pwm outputs)
circuit which isolates the motor power supply from the the arduino.
External power input ( 5 to 12v)
Stackable shield

For currents above 2A, with intensive usage, a fan is advised to dissipate the heat generated by the transistors.
If you’re not sure whether you need it or not just touch the transistors with your finger, if it burns you really need to use a fan blowing air through the shield.

Code Example
H-Bridge control here>

Schematic & Board files
Download .zip file here>

This shield’s schematic is used under permission of Chuck McManis, from his original design available here>