Brain Tune App

One morning i got an email from the representative lawyer of a company stating that the name of this App was infringing some trademark they owned… Because the last thing i want is to swim with the big sharks in a lawsuit battle, i took it out from the AppStore.


Brain Tune v.1
Binaural Soundscape & Rhythm Generator

Brain Tune is a “Pure” Digital Sine Wave generator. It makes use of the binaural principle to generate binaural beats which frequency can be set to a value between 0hz and 30hz (the Brain Waves range)

Twelve sine waves are used, 6 for the Left Output and 6 for the Right Output. They are tuned 2 by 2 so that only 6 tones are perceived by our hearing system. The 6 tones playing at the right output are slightly detuned to match the brain frequency chosen.

This is a very interesting experience to make: using headphones use only the left headphone and you’ll hear several continuous tones, then use the right headphone, and you’ll hear the same continuous tones. But once you use both headphones you’ll start hearing the same tones as if fading in and out, the frequency of this beating is the frequency that can set by the user.
This demonstrates how our perception is not as accurate as we think it is.