Just released: Cannon Line to Mic Level Cable

Cannon Line to Mic Level Cable
Plug your Line Level Sources ( audio mixer, audio recorder, computer, ipod or anything that has phones output… ) straight into the Mic Input of the Cannon 550D DSLR Camera.

Having bought a Cannon 550D one of the purposes i got it for was to be able to make some good quality videos with it. It was a deception when i realized that the Mic input couldn’t handle a Line Level Signal.
This was a big hassle just because most of the times i want to record video with sound coming from a Audio Mixing Desk and the Mix Level just makes it impossible. After a while using an external recorder for audio and afterwards syncing audio and video by hand on the computer, i decided to sort this problem with a Line to Mic Level adapter cable so that i wouldn’t need my audio recorder any more.

Some friends started to ask me to make the same cable for them and now i’m making it available to anyone here!

Using only High Quality Connectors and Cable.

See all about it here:

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