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Shields for Arduino Available!

I just made available 2 shields for the arduino platform: An Audio Input Envelope Follower An Optocoupled H-Bridge for 10A Motor Control check them out, more info available
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Create hyperlinks in pdfs exported by Processing

For the Contemporary Music Timeline i’ve been making, i thought of creating hyperlinks for all the data inserted, because this would be an exhausting process to be done in acrobat, i started searching for ways to do this straight from Processing, i ended up finding this page from Toxi: It seemed exactly what i wanted, but [...]
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Arduino Sunrise Sunset Library

Here’s an arduino library to calculate sunrise and sunset times based on date and latitude / longitude, i didn’t made the library, i took it from this website that doesn’t seem to work anymore: I’d like to give credit to the one who wrote it but i couldn’t find a creator name or contact anywhere! i [...]
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Contemporary Music Timeline

Starting next week, i’ll be teaching experimental/improvised music aesthetics in an Audio Production Course at Restart (a professional school here in Lisbon), for that matter i wanted to have a timeline that could give an overall view of composers as well as labels and technological advances that made possible for some things to happen as [...]
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Hello world!

It’s been a long time since i planned to do this blog, but like you might know time never seems enough! It started as an idea for posting some minor technical researches behind my artistic practice, mainly for electronics and arduino based code and libraries i’ve been developing. So finally it’s up and i hope to [...]
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