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Just released: Cannon Line to Mic Level Cable

Cannon Line to Mic Level Cable Plug your Line Level Sources ( audio mixer, audio recorder, computer, ipod or anything that has phones output… ) straight into the Mic Input of the Cannon 550D DSLR Camera. Having bought a Cannon 550D one of the purposes i got it for was to be able to make some good [...]
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Just released – Oscillator Bank – iPhone / iPod App

Description Oscillator Bank v.1 Soundscape & Rhythm Generator This App features a 10 channel mixer with 10 individuals digital sine waves. Each Oscillator Channel has independent controls for frequency, binaural offset and panning. Each of these channels also have a volume automation setting related to a LFO which speed can also be adjusted. -
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Just released – Harmonic Series – iPhone / iPod App

Harmonic Series v.1 Soundscape & Rhythm Generator This App enables the creation of soundscapes based on the Harmonic Series Musical Principle. Given one Dominant Frequency, 9 other frequencies are tuned to be the first 9 harmonics of the Dominant Frequency. A 10 channel mixer is the main interface to adjust the independent volume of each frequency. Each of these [...]
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Just released – Brain Tune – iPhone / iPod App

Description Brain Tune v.1 Binaural Soundscape & Rhythm Generator Brain Tune is a “Pure” Digital Sine Wave generator. It makes use of the binaural principle to generate binaural beats which frequency can be set to a value between 0hz and 30hz (the Brain Waves range) Twelve sine waves are used, 6 for the Left Output and 6 for [...]
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Hack(ing) Magic Trackpad SPI Protocol

I’ve been wanting to get into apple’s Magic Trackpad since they announce it, i got it as it came out but at start was a bit disapointing. Followed the iFixIt Teardown, and when i saw the UPTX and UPRX words i was excited with the possibility of getting inside quickly, soldered some wires to the solder [...]
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Been silent, working very intensively in something totally different and new: an Arduino Based Digital to Analog to Digital Modular System for Analog Synthesizers picture and link below Also updated the Shields pages adding schematics and board files in Eagle format the current ADDAC System from Left to Right: Nunchuck Input ——— ADDAC006 Gate Inputs ——- ADDAC004 Manual Inputs —– ADDAC003 CV Inputs [...]
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Shields for Arduino Available!

I just made available 2 shields for the arduino platform: An Audio Input Envelope Follower An Optocoupled H-Bridge for 10A Motor Control check them out, more info available
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Create hyperlinks in pdfs exported by Processing

For the Contemporary Music Timeline i’ve been making, i thought of creating hyperlinks for all the data inserted, because this would be an exhausting process to be done in acrobat, i started searching for ways to do this straight from Processing, i ended up finding this page from Toxi: It seemed exactly what i wanted, but [...]
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Arduino Sunrise Sunset Library

Here’s an arduino library to calculate sunrise and sunset times based on date and latitude / longitude, i didn’t made the library, i took it from this website that doesn’t seem to work anymore: I’d like to give credit to the one who wrote it but i couldn’t find a creator name or contact anywhere! i [...]
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Contemporary Music Timeline

Starting next week, i’ll be teaching experimental/improvised music aesthetics in an Audio Production Course at Restart (a professional school here in Lisbon), for that matter i wanted to have a timeline that could give an overall view of composers as well as labels and technological advances that made possible for some things to happen as [...]
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